Preview of the Slot Game “Precious Pets Gigablox”

The Independent, an online daily, found that 53 percent of 2,000 individuals asked preferred spending time with their dogs rather than with other people, and 17 percent found their cat to be more of a reliable companion than their significant other. It’s obvious that many individuals value nothing more than the pure, unadulterated loyalty of their cat, dog, or other pet of choice. John Grogan expressed it best in the movie Marley & Me: “A dog doesn’t care whether you’re a millionaire or a pauper, a genius or a dunce.” Simply put, if you give him your heart, he’ll give you his. Enter the world of Prized Pets Gigablox, an online slot game from Northernlights Gaming with features including a Chomp Chomp Wild Bonus, free spins, and a Pot bonus with four set payouts.

Prized Pets Gigablox, developed in conjunction with Yggdrasil Gaming, features an unconventional style that manages to be both quirky and endearing. The pups look adorable, the tunes seem like they were written for a stroll down Broadway, and the backdrop has random pet store merchandise. Objects on shelves, such cans and chew toys. In the centre of the screen is a 6-reel game grid where the dogs and Gigablox land, and on the right side of the screen are the Pot bonus rewards.

Each spin in Gigablox can cause two or more reels to combine into massive blocks of symbols. For instance, the first two reels may produce 2×2 sized symbols, the third reel may have standard 1×1 sized symbols, and the last four reels may land 3×3 sized Gigablox. Gigablox symbols are evaluated by breaking them down to their constituent 1×1 squares, and only the visible portion of a sign is used for determining a victory. If you’re looking for a companion and feel like browsing a pet store, know that Prized Pets Gigablox comes in four different models with an RTP of up to 96.1% but has considerable volatility.

The game contains 25 paylines, and winning combinations range from 3 of a kind to 6 of a kind. While a full line of the higher-paying rabbit, bird, cat, or dog symbols is worth 5-10 times the stake, a line of six of the lower-paying food symbols (carrots, sunflowers, fish, or dog food) pays out at a rate of 2.5x the wager. The collar on the pillow is the wild symbol, and it appears on all reels. The maximum payout for a line of five wilds is 8 times the wager, and they can substitute for any other symbol to help you win.

Valuable Pets Slot Functions in Gigablox

Features like the Chomp Chomp Wild extra, free spins, and the Pot extra award complement Gigablox’s unpredictable, random, and rotating gameplay.

Bonus for Wild Chomping

There is a low-paying food symbol for every high-paying pet sign. A dog receives a dish of food, a cat gets a fish, a bird gets a sunflower, and a rabbit gets a carrot. The Chomp Chomp Wild Bonus is activated at random, and when it does, a pet comes on the screen, making all of the visible food symbols into wilds.

No Risk Turns

The free spins bonus is activated by the appearance of at least five scatter symbols. For every scatter symbol in play, players receive one additional free turn. Each Scatter that appears during a free game triggers an additional free game. Gigablox and Chomp Chomp Wilds can appear more frequently during free spins, as stated in the regulations.

Bonus for the Pot

If a little bone icon lands on a 1×1 sign, it is transferred to the Pot bowl. When bones are collected in this way, the Pot bonus is occasionally triggered. When the button is pressed, 12 awards, draped in crimson, emerge on the screen. The player must select each one individually in order to get to the hidden prize. Three of the same trophy must be unveiled in order to win the associated reward. This might be the “Mini” reward, worth 30 times the wager, the “Major” prize, worth 1,000 times the bet, or the “Grand” prize, worth 5,000 times the bet.

Valuable Pets Gigablox: The Winning Slot

Gigablox has the potential to be both exhilarating and surprising at the best of times. The Yggdrasil creation, Hades Gigablox, is a surprisingly strong illustration of the mechanic’s potential. Sometimes the outcomes are more variable, with high-quality games like 90K Yeti Gigablox contrasting with less dramatic releases like Mega Pearl Gigablox. Just like the mechanic’s reels, you never know what you’re going to receive.

Neither a groundbreaking demonstration of Gigablox’s capabilities nor an unnecessary release, Prized Pets Gigablox occupies a comfortable middle ground. Making sense for a pet-themed game, cuteness is a driving force, and Northernlights Gaming succeeds well in conveying endearing qualities in its protagonists. The Chomp Chomp Wild feature is another way the studio has successfully linked low pay symbols to large rewards. A clever effect, even if it doesn’t necessarily change the game. The Pot additional awards are the frosting on the cake, and the free spins are fine but essentially simply extra spins of the regular game with more of the excellent elements. If Northern Lights Gaming had instead channeled the power of the Pot bonuses into a game feature more closely related to the concept of Prized Pets Gigablox, the result would have been even more spectacular. It’s also surprising how close some players go to the maximum win of 5,223x the stake without hitting the 5,000x Grand prize.

If you’re the type that can’t wait to get home from work so you can play with Fido or throw the ball for Moggie, then perhaps Prized Pets Gigablox is right up your alley. Although Northernlights Gaming’s Pet Power online slot is unlikely to become a smash hit on Gigablox, it is nonetheless fun to play because to its adorable furry and feathery characters.






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